Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Caribbean Catamaran Cruise - Day 3

This was the day we had all been waiting for - our day to set sail on the VIP ONE Catamaran! (You can see pictures and a video tour on the website.)  It is a 51 foot long, twin hull - accommodates 8 people and 2 crew members.  This would be our home for a week!
 Our French captain - David - He was fantastic!!!
Alena - she was the chef and assisted David.  She is from the Czech Republic.  (David's wife normally assists him but she was unable to be there for our week.)

Wes took this video tour of the boat (it was taken at the very end of our trip).  The catamaran is surprisingly spacious and efficient.

This picture was taken before we boarded.  There was no association with the man in the front - he was just a bystander photobomber!  We boarded the VIP ONE - got settled in our cabins, enjoyed quick introductions and a quick breakfast and then took a short walk to the dive center where we motored out to sea for our first scuba dive. 
Our first dive was to a ship that wrecked in 1995.  It was very cool to see the ship and quite a bit of sea life.

Wes took his GoPro camera and got plenty of footage of our dives.  In this video - our friend Matt does a back flip and then our dive master gives us the international scuba sign for eel.  (I am the one motioning Wes to swim over the see the eel.)

Our second dive was to the HMS Proselyte - a navy frigate that sunk in 1801.  Not much of the ship remains but we did see a couple of cannons and a huge anchor.  There was a ton of sea life.  In this video you see the divemaster swim alongside a sea turtle who turns and gives her five :-)  So cool!!!

If you enhance this video to full-screen you will be able to see a reef shark.  Yep - we saw sharks!!  It was awesome!

After our dive we boarded the catamaran.  David gave us his full introduction and instructions.  He made it clear that when it comes to the boat and definitely in the case of an emergency - that only one person was calling the shots - him.  He was the captain and we were to take his orders (this fact became particularly important in a minor embarrassing accident that I was involved in the next day...more about that later).  But mostly he just wanted us to enjoy ourselves and have a wonderful week!  And he did everything in his power to make it happen!  He truly was a gracious and accommodating host.
Matt trying his hand at the steering wheel.  Matt has a special interest in sailing and was ready and eager to learn everything he could about sailing.
Fishing was a frequent past-time for the guys.
Jason and Reid - hoping for a big one!
This is the table where we ate all of our meals and tried our luck (and skill!) at some great card games!
Alena would provide us with delicious snacks and treats throughout the day.

The water was crystal clear and upon spotting this starfish at the bottom of the ocean - Jason couldn't resist.

We spent a lot of time relaxing and sunbathing.

The earlier snorkeling had produced some pretty cool conch shells like the one seen below.
Vanessa surprised the ladies with some "diamond" rings so we would truly feel the part of being rich and famous!

David said that guests love him to take their picture through the hatch above the dining table.  Ok!

That night we all fell asleep to the feel of the gently rocking boat and the sound of the waves lapping against the hulls (enjoying it mostly thanks to the small white patches we wore behind our ear!).

Random memories:
-Vanessa's phone fiasco
-Spaghetti carbonara
-First day of "tacking"
-Sweet guacamole
-Mullet Bay
-Reid loves Haagen-Dazs ice cream!

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