Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Our Cheetah Girl Turns 6!

Our little "cheetah girl" celebrated her 6th birthday this past Saturday.  She was so excited for her very first birthday party with friends!  It was a safari party and I suggested she wear her cheetah dress.  She chose her cheetah morph suit instead.  Along with her tail. 

She loves to lick the frosting beater!
The goodie boxes - I used a sharpie to draw animal patterns on white and brown boxes.
Isaac created a great drawing for a "Pin the Tail on the Lion" game.  This is the second "Pin the Tail on the..." drawing he has done.

The kids had their way with decorating the family room with every safari animal we owned.

They created a safari table.  We have lots of animal lovers at our house!
Ready for the party to begin!
The animals masks - ready to be decorated.
And this little cheetah girl waited anxiously for each guest to arrive.
As each child arrived - they received a tail and then decorated a mask.  Isaac helped with the glue gun and Cate helped give ideas.  I was so grateful for my little helpers!!!

The cheetah girl making a cheetah mask.
Waiting for all of the children to finish...
The finished masks.
And the tails.
Next was the "Pin the Tail on the Lion" game.
Again - Cate and Isaac were awesome helpers!  I could not have done the party without them.

Isaac decided to take a turn at the end.
The final results!
Next was animal bingo!
Next was the presents.  Sarah was so excited!!
A cheetah blanket!!!

She received many fun gifts including lots of cheetah stuff - a blanket, stuffed cheetahs and some homemade cheetah slippers.
Our present was hiding the the front closet.  It was Isaac's idea to hide it there.  When we were finished with the presents, Isaac started making scratching noises and cheetah sounds.  The kids ran to the sounds and opened the closet door to find this!
Finally it was time for the cupcakes!

The party was a success and Sarah could not have been more thrilled!
This is how I found her in her bed that night...
This was last night - the large cheetah was no longer standing next to her bed - but it was in the bed with her!

I can't believe my baby girl is 6 years old!!!  Where has the time gone...


Rachel said...

I notice you were in cheetah pattern, too! What a nice mom.

Those goodie boxes are adorable! You put in some serious sharpie time.

Love this!

Ammie G said...

Wow that girl is crazy cheetah girl. Dean had lots of fun thanks for inviting him. I see Sarah loves her blanket that was Deano idea.