Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What We Really Did on Christmas Eve...

When I told the kids that the Matesens invited us to spend Christmas Eve with them - they started to scream with joy!  When I told them that Papa and Kip were also coming and that I had invited them (and Oakley) to spend the night at our house - they screamed with joy once more!  

And so we spent a lovely and enjoyable evening...

The "kids" table - so happy together despite the several years age difference.

The manger in preparation for the nativity the kids planned for us.
Mary and Joseph.
The shepherdess and the sheep.
The angel/fairy arrived.
The wise man and woman...
bearing authentic Frankincense courtesy of Doterra.

We published Isaac's book The Improper Princess, so he signed a copy for the Matesens.

Traditional Christmas Eve PJs were distributed.

It was a wonderful evening - spent with some of our favorite people!!! Thank you all!

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