Saturday, January 26, 2013

Overcoming a Greek Tragedy

Isaac chose to study Greek sculpture for the 6th grade Greek Festival. Part of this assignment was to do a hands-on project so he decided he wanted to create a sculpture.  He spent an entire afternoon working on this sculpture of a soldier.  He created a wire frame and secured it to a base.  It was quite elaborate with a sword and a shield. 

Here he is working on the head.
Sadly, the wire was not strong enough and the sculpture started to sag.  So we came up with this contraption to prop up the sculpture while it dried.  We were hopeful but worried about the outcome.
After letting it dry for two days it became obvious that the sculpture would not stand.  We removed the props and sadly it all started to crumble.  Isaac was so sad because he spent so much time on it.  It is hard to tell from this picture - but it did really look good.  The proportions were very nice with good detail.  We debated about what to do because his project was due in two days.  Isaac decided to try again.

He created this sculpture instead - The Dying Soldier.

All was well in the end.

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Julie said...

The creative process comes in many forms. Nice work Isaac!