Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Holiday Performances

The kids have been involved in several different performances over the past few months and I wanted to document them.  So here we go!
Isaac auditioned and made it into the Timpanogos Chamber Orchestra.  Their first concert far exceeded my expectations!  It was wonderful! 
Cate and Addie were both involved in a performance up at Kingsbury Hall.  After a showing of The 12 Dogs of Christmas - Great Puppy Rescue (Addie was actually in this movie  - for about 1/2 a second!), they reproduced the finale live on stage.  It was great holiday fun! Cate's group was featured on the TV show Good Things Utah.  You can watch the clip HERE.
Here they are in the green room rehearsing.  (Cate is on the front row, second one from the left.)
 Here they are on the set getting ready for filming.

The group with their teachers and the hosts of Good Things Utah
 This sounds strange unless you have seen the movie but Cate was dressed as a chihuahua reindeer and Addie was a dalmatian swing dancer.  She was doing some pretty amazing moves!!
 Or course there were the annual school Christmas programs:

Addie also had the incredible opportunity to sing in a small back-up choir for a performance by Jenny Oaks Baker and the Timpanogos Symphony Orchestra.  The concert highlighted Jenny's new Christmas CD Noel.  We are huge Jenny Oaks Baker fans at our house (and I went to elementary school with Jenny) so this was very exciting for Addie. 
 And she got to visit and shake hands with Elder Oaks during intermission!

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