Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Morning and Other Random Photos from December 2012

Christmas morning was especially fun because we had Papa, Uncle Kip and Oakley with us.  Unfortunately I didn't get any still pictures of them - only video.  Here are a few shots of the kids though:
Sarah the Cheetah Girl 
Cate the Gum Girl
Isaac the Skater Boy
Addie the Total Teen
All the girls got sweats and toe socks.  Sarah refused to wear her toe socks and wouldn't let go of her cheetah (did I mention she loves cheetahs?)
Our Christmas tree was so droopy and dry we decided to take it down on Christmas day.  The tree bonfire is becoming a yearly tradition for Wes and Isaac.

The rest of these photos were taken sometime during the month of December:
The kids slept next to the Christmas tree several times before Christmas.  I love it!
Isaac and his friends got a little carried away when for their class Christmas program they were assigned to dress up as the "Nine Ladies Dancing." (Isaac is the third one in from the Right - with the blonde wig.)
The one in the red jacket.
These pictures were taken when Wes and Sarah went on a little hike one day when the weather wasn't too bad.

Wes and the kids got in a couple of good ski days.
Addie with her friend "M"
One morning Cate woke up feeling sick.  Sarah decided on her own to make Cate breakfast in bed.  She fixed the toast all by herself and poured the juice.  I caught her just in time to help her carry the tray up the stairs (and also to add the ibuprofen pill to the meal).  That was the good side of the toast!  The other side was completely black.
But Cate was a nice sister and ate every bite!
The kids were so excited with the first big snowfall!  Isaac took a bunch of pictures.
We spent New Years in Midway at the Zermatt.  We had an evening of swimming and pizza and even heard our friend's band play for the resort celebration.  But none of us made it to midnight! The next day we met up with some friends to go tubing at Soldier Hollow.  Here are the kids posing as ninjas in their new head socks.
 The best part was when we hooked all thirteen tubes together to make the run down the hill!
Sarah has been obsessed with cheetahs for a while.  We bought her this cheetah morph suit several weeks ago.  It was like a dream come true for her!

Here is a picture of our annual Christmas puzzle.  It is a James Christensen painting of fairy tales.  Very fun to do!

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Rachel said...

Love Sarah's cheetah costume. That is insane. Also, we love Soldier Hollow for tubing! What a blast.