Friday, August 31, 2012

Family Home Evening Flu Shot - NOT!

We got lucky this year! Instead of our traditional Family Home Evening flu shots - we had the nasal spray instead!!  Yipee!

Much better than the shots for sure!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Second Solo Cello Recital

Isaac completed Suzuki Book 2 in June and has been working so hard all summer long to prepare for his second solo cello recital. 

It was held last Sunday evening at my parents' home. There were about 25 very kind friends and family members that made up the audience. It turned out to be a very lovely evening - except that my mom was not able to make her way to the living room. Instead she tried to listen from her bedroom. She didn't hear everything but Isaac gave her a private recital after it was over.

Here is Isaac with his teacher.
Isaac did a fantastic job!  I can't believe how much music he had to memorize - and he hardly made any mistakes.  Most importantly - he really enjoyed himself! 
And now?  He moves from a 1/4 size cello to a 1/2 size cello.  Here he is trying out one of the possibilities.  He was so excited!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Random Summer Photos

As the summer slowly comes to a close (I still can't believe it!) - I have many random photos that I wanted to post of fun summer memories. (Not necessarily in the right order.)

We went with Kip to The Banana Leaf for dinner.  All of the meals are served on a banana leaf and when the kids asked if they could take one home - they gave us this big huge long one!

Isaac demonstrating his climbing skills - in his church clothes!

The summer held many, many trips for shaved ice!
We absolutely loved seeing Wicked at The Capitol Theater.
We went on a fishing/hiking excursion up the canyon and Addie caught this snake!
Hollyhocks are one of my favorites flowers.  Partly because they remind me of my mother and the hollyhock dolls she used to make for me.  We finally have some hollyhocks blooming in our yard and the girls had fun this summer making dolls.

Cate's hair after the Maui braids.
Addie's hair after the Maui braids.
I got called to be the Personal Progress Adviser in our ward and to kick things off I sent the girls home with a "Personal Progress Prescription:  Take 1-2 by mouth as needed to reward your efforts in Personal Progress."
The girls made this for Isaac because he was having a really hard day.
Wes and I got invited to a friend's 40th birthday costume party!

Sarah and Cate in their lovely dancing outfits.
With glitter stars on their cheeks.

Addie went shopping at DI with some friends and texted me this picture.  She ended up coming home with that hat and the striped baseball uniform that is piled on the floor.  She wears the uniform to bed!
Wes went on his every-other-year backpacking trip with his brother and his friends.  They packed in the Wind Rivers area in Wyoming.  Believe it or not - this was the first catch of the trip!
While Wes was on his camping trip - Addie, Isaac and Cate were lucky enough to go on a camping trip of their own!  Grandpa Dave and Connie took them to Big Basin.  Isaac and Grandpa Dave made the difficult hike to the top of Wheeler Peak - elevation over 13,000 feet!  
We were lucky enough to spend Family Home Evening with Grandpa Great, Grandpa Dave and Connie.  Isaac gave the lesson and then we performed a musical number.
Our friends had us over for a Pioneer Day celebration.  We swam, had a BBQ, played games in their sport court, watched the kids put on a musical review and then when it got dark...we swam again!  But this time - with glow sticks!  That was the coolest thing ever!

We celebrated the safe return of Elder Max with our dear, dear cousins.  
Hooray for Elder Max!
A couple of summer memories were not so fun...
My sister was in a car accident and fractured her cervical vertebrae.   She has been in this neck brace for weeks!  
 My mom gave us a scare when she was admitted to the ICU with urosepsis for almost a week.  We broke the "2 visitors at a time" rule when there were 5-7 of us in her room at one time.  At least all the company made her smile!  
Fortunately she is home and recovering!
It has definitely been a summer to remember!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fairy Friends

When Addie was about 7 years old she had a fairy friend named Amara. Addie and Amara left notes for each other for almost a year until one day Amara disappeared....

Actually the whole thing began when Addie's friend Katy told her all about her "fairy" that would write to her every night!  Addie was enthralled and decided that she too wanted to write to a fairy - and she did so that very night.  What was a mom to do?!  Hence Amara was born and a correspondence began that lasted almost every night for months.  The problem was that "Amara" sometimes forgot to write Addie or sometimes "Amara" was too tired to take that teeny tiny pencil and write fancy words in teeny tiny letters!  "Amara" was not always the best fairy and had to keep making up excuses for her delinquency - like all those festivals she had to attend!  Anyway - the whole thing dwindled and finally came to an end much to "Amara's" relief. (To be perfectly honest it was a sweet exchange with my daughter that I treasure!)  I forgot to add that Isaac - not be left out - had a brief exchange with an elf named Nero.

 Anyway, the subject of the fairy experience came up this summer with Cate and Sarah Jane.  This time, Addie and Isaac took the lead and had a very short-lived exchange with the girls.  Cate's fairy was Clover and Sarah's fairy was Isis.  They wrote on and off for a few weeks but Addie and Isaac quickly learned - as I did - how consistency with this can be tricky!  They did write some pretty sweet notes though.  Like this one.
 Along with their nightly notes, they included tiny wrapped treats for the girls - treats that they brought from the festival.

Mint Cake (the inside of a mint Three Musketeers bar) and Sparkling Rubies (pop rocks).  They wrapped them up so cute - the girls were thrilled!!
At least each child now has a fairy friend to remember...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Zombie Cupcake Decorating

More summer catch-up... 

 We hosted a zombie party for my nephew who turned eight. For dessert, we had the kids decorate zombie cupcakes. Kip provided the gruesome decorations...and the kids got creative!