Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving was a difficult, contemplative but special day.  Dad wanted to host the dinner as per tradition but he wanted to scale it back a bit - he didn't use the chargers :-)  But the tables looked lovely as usual.

He assigned cousins to make place cards for the different families.  A very cute idea!  Cate's creation:
Sarah R.'s place cards were very festive!
Jack illustrated his place cards.
And Isaac did something a little more whimsical!
Everyone helped in the kitchen.
We thought it fitting that the only former butcher in the family should be the one to carve the turkey.

Nick gets the drumstick every year.
The meal was absolutely amazing!!!  
After lunch, we celebrated Allie's birthday and then left for the Food and Care Coalition in Provo where we were scheduled to provide some musical entertainment for the people eating Thanksgiving dinner there.  My dad had arranged for us to be there and I thought it was the perfect idea.  There were vocal solos, a cello piece and Jake did an awesome percussion solo on some mixing bowls, a muffin tin and a bucket that he got from Papa's house!  It was rockin'! 
We returned to my Dad's house for dessert.  We also read through some of the sympathy cards and emails we had received after my mom's death.  It was very emotional.
The day ended with more pie and some board games.  It was a nice day but it all felt very strange.  It was the first Thanksgiving without my mom.  There was a huge unspoken void.  The hardest part is trying to imagine all of the "firsts" we still have yet to endure. 

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Rachel said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Sharing your musical talents is such a great Thanksgiving idea. What a blessing to your Dad to have you all around. Hugs.