Monday, December 10, 2012

A Little Catching up Before Christmas

There has been a recent...shall we call it a hobby? our house lately.  It isn't that Wes hasn't always loved motorcycles - it's just that I didn't know quite how much!  He has acquired a few in the past few months and went on some awesome canyon rides.  After the first ride where it was obvious he was ill-equipped for the sport - he geared himself up in what I call his "tron" suit, helmet, boots and gloves.  I myself do not have much interest in these dirt bike adventures but I can understand the draw - the view is pretty spectacular!!  

The kids loved getting occasional rides on Daddy's bikes.

Especially I-man.  (By the way - the kids have real motorcycle helmets now.)
Isaac was such a huge fan - Wes ended up getting him an inexpensive kid's dirt bike for his 12th birthday!  
What's a mom to do?!

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Linda said...

A Mom's to join in the fun! Ride your own!
By the way, I too am married to a "Wes", and he loves his bike. Harley.