Thursday, November 15, 2012

Halloween 2012

Life goes on and as difficult as it might be - we must go on with it.

1 week and 2 days after my mom passed away - Halloween was upon us.  For the sake of the kids we tried to make it a fun holiday. The night before, we joined with family to carve pumpkins.

 I love this picture of Sarah with her little tongue sticking out in concentration and effort.

 Some assistance from Papa.

 Max was an attentive audience for Cate and her carving skills.
 The finished pumpkins:
This one belonged to Micaela and Miles.
 Addie's pumpkin
 Isaac's creation.  This is a creature he created in a story he is in the middle of writing titled Elentatia.  It is called a "keiraung."  
 Cate's witch
 Sarah and Papa's bat

The Halloween Costumes:
Tommy Timmons from the movie Sandlot

As a 6th grader - Isaac was assigned to choose an Egyptian or Greek god.  He chose Horus - the Egyptian God of the Sky.  He pretty much made this entire costume by himself - the hat included.

 Our Cute Cowgirl

 Our little bumblebee.  If this looks familiar, that is because this is the third year in a row she has been a bumblebee.  She had talked about being a princess but then changed her mind back to the bumblebee.  I though it was a great (and easy!) idea.  The sad thing is - that the costume still fits her!

 The 6th Grade Wax Museum

 The Kindergarten Halloween Parade

 When we went back for the school-wide Halloween parade, we ran into another bumblebee!  So cute!


Julie said...

So cute!! I love your blog!

Imamamatoone said...

Hi! Your son's Horus costume is great! My daughter wants to be Horus for the second time this year and I want to make a sturdier costume than I did on short notice last year. Could you tell me how he kept those two head halves on? Is that a velcro band around his head? And is the firm shape of Horus foam poster board? Thanks so much! Was so happy to stumble upon your pics for some great ideas! Be well!

em hig said...

I'd love to know those same details about the Horus costume. It's fanastic!