Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Boy's Birthday

I-man celebrated his 12th birthday this month. 12 years old?!?! It blows me away. He requested a party with friends at the park with some field games and pizza. Easy peasy! Especially because Wes did all the coaching.
It was the perfect Fall day for some football, ultimate frisbee and gatorball.  I took a ton of pictures - trying out my ability to catch "action" shots!

He picked out those blue shoes all by himself.
He loves his receiver gloves!

This friend looked pretty awesome in his morph suit.  Now Isaac knows what he wants to spend his birthday money on! 

A mud pit was discovered...

Sarah spun around in this thing for probably 30 minutes straight!
Hungry boys!

Yes he is at a phase where he loves weapons - guns, swords, blowguns (!) - but Wes assures me it's a "boy thing."  I might be worried if he wasn't such a sweet guy!  
I was disappointed that I forgot to take a picture of him the next day at church in his suit.  He looked so sharp and grown up.  It was a very special day for our family - he was ordained a Deacon, he gave a very nice testimony and after church he collected Fast Offerings.  
I love my son!

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