Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Finished Garage, The Improved Treehouse and a Hate Crime

We are finally wrapping up some projects that have been going on around here.  The detached garage is now officially complete - except for the fancy, ultra-organized interior that Wes promises it will have.  We also had some landscaping done to finish off the area.  We highly recommend our landscaper.  

We pretty much doubled our driveway space!  Wes planned this primarily in order to have an official NBA 3 point line.  But I think it will be super for "Donuts in the Driveway!" 
These steps lead up to our new raised garden boxes!  Wish me luck to turn my brown thumb to green.

A hidden pathway leading to the treehouse...
An awesome sandbox!

Wes decided to hire the workers that put dry wall in the garage to finish the inside of the treehouse.  And then the kids chose the paint colors:  "sea spray" for the walls and "pineapple sorbet" for the ceiling.  (I think they had Maui on the brain when they chose these colors!)

Everyone helped paint!

The finished product:

Not long after we finished the treehouse - we were the unfortunate victims of a hate crime.  Isaac has had a long time rivalry with an 18 year old neighbor boy.  Isaac is a fan of Lebron James and our so-called friend is a fan of Kobe Bryant.  And one day this is what we discovered: 

I guess I should admit that Isaac isn't completely innocent.  This hate crime is in response to Isaac and a friend writing "Lebron" messages in sidewalk chalk all over our neighbor's front walk.  I guess the rivalry lives on...


squeezeme said...

I can see why your kids spend so much time in the treehouse....mine may want to move in! Thanks for the tour this morning, the garage and landscaping look even better in person and the morning was delightful. I feel lifted!

Ann Mitchell said...

Love your landscaping, garage, and treehouse! Hate Kobe. The end.