Saturday, September 29, 2012

Autumn Beauty

Is it just me or are the changing leaves extra pretty this year?  I couldn't wait to get up in the mountains!
The Quaking Aspen is my favorite tree.  Unfortunately we were a little early to see their brilliant yellow leaves.

The view from Squaw Peak lookout.
"Timpanogos, Mighty Timpanogos!  Timpanogos, mountain that I love!" - from the old Timp song.  Did you know there was a song about Timp?  My mom used to sing it to me.

The kids collected some leaves to press - just like Grandma used to do.
"Mom, can you see me?!"

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Anna said...

. . . mountain with its lofty peaks, mountain with its lofty peaks, lofty peaks".....etc
Utah is the most beautiful place. Who knew, growing up that we lived in such a paradise?