Thursday, August 30, 2012

Second Solo Cello Recital

Isaac completed Suzuki Book 2 in June and has been working so hard all summer long to prepare for his second solo cello recital. 

It was held last Sunday evening at my parents' home. There were about 25 very kind friends and family members that made up the audience. It turned out to be a very lovely evening - except that my mom was not able to make her way to the living room. Instead she tried to listen from her bedroom. She didn't hear everything but Isaac gave her a private recital after it was over.

Here is Isaac with his teacher.
Isaac did a fantastic job!  I can't believe how much music he had to memorize - and he hardly made any mistakes.  Most importantly - he really enjoyed himself! 
And now?  He moves from a 1/4 size cello to a 1/2 size cello.  Here he is trying out one of the possibilities.  He was so excited!

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