Thursday, August 16, 2012

Maui - Part 6 - The Last Day

It was our last day in Maui and we were scheduled to fly home at 10:30 pm that night. We decided to go the Lahaina ward for church before we checked out from the hotel and that was a great experience. I am sure that ward has a large number of tourists visiting every Sunday. But they were very friendly. 

After church we took a drive around the island and visited a spectacular snorkeling spot - Honolua Bay.  We didn't snorkel but we did walk to the bay through a glorious jungle just to check it out.  Isaac's latest thing - climbing!   
These steps were remnants of an old church built in this area.  Not sure how old.  We found another vine and the kids did some more Tarzan swinging.

After we checked out of the hotel we drove to the Iao valley.  We ran across a very interesting park with monuments to different Asian countries.  There was no explanation as to what the park was built for.  There were also some very cool and huge trees!

The mountains towering over the Iao valley.
We had quite a bit of time to kill before our flight home so we decided to go the mall and see a movie,  Ice Age.  It was very strange being in Maui.  In a mall.  At a movie.  It just didn't seem right.  But we ran out of options.  It was an uneventful flight home and now we are settled back into our regular life. 
What an amazing experience!!  I would do it all again in a heartbeat!  I fell in love with this place and can't wait to return.  Aloha!


The Harrises said...

looks like you had a lovely time. I loved the huge trees and SJ doing yoga.

Challey said...

What an amazing trip! So fun to read about your adventures. We went there for our honeymoon 12 years ago and I look forward to taking our kids there too!