Saturday, August 11, 2012

Maui - Part 4 - Po'olenalena Beach - Our Favorite!

The moon in the early morning hours.  The island in the distance is Lanai.
We traveled to South Maui to a beach that we read was usually not very crowed.  Po'olenalena.  There was hardly anybody there and it turned out to be our most favorite beach of all.
I was content sitting in my beach chair thinking the girls were playing so well together.

Little did I know they had been arguing the whole time - which led to some tears.

Which didn't last long!

Having Sarah in a life jacket made me feel so much more comfortable at the beach.  

Sarah's alphabet

The snorkeling at this beach was the most exciting of the entire week - can you guess why?

Sea turtles!  We swam with sea turtles!!  Or "honu" as the locals call  them :-)

The turtles did not care that we were there and swam incredibly close to us!  We had to try not to touch them - which is against the law.  One turtle surfaced less than 3 feet from me!!  There were probably close to 10 turtles swimming around us.  It was probably one of the coolest experiences I have ever had!

Wes and Isaac saw a spotted eagle ray.
And a turtle encrusted with barnacles.

And an octopus - which quickly changed colors and hid as Wes tried to dive down for the picture.
A dead eel.
A box fish

Several times during the week a rainbow would appear to remind us that yes - we were in paradise!

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Rachel said...

These pictures are gorgeous! Love the turtles.

I love that you couldn't tell the girls were fighting. It is very hard to mistake when my boys are fighting ;)