Friday, August 10, 2012

Maui - Part 3 - Ka'anapali Beach, Maui Ocean Center and Snorkeling Excursion

The next day we spent at Ka'anapali Beach - and I took a break from taking pictures!  There was some pretty good snorkeling and nice waves which made for a perfect day at the beach.

When we got back to the condo - the kids spent some time hunting for lizards.

The next day we spent the first part of the day at the aquarium at the Maui Ocean Center.

We watched a diver swim among the rays and the sharks.

That afternoon we had scheduled a snorkeling excursion with a boat ride to a coral garden.  It was fun for Sarah to get in the water and even though she couldn't snorkel - she could see underwater with her goggles.

Overall we are learning that these kinds of excursions are a huge waste of time and money.  Fortunately we only paid $7 a person (while most people paid $50 a person for this 2.5 hour trip!).  Too many people, mediocre snorkeling and unfortunately for Wes and me - getting seasick on the rocking boat.  The snorkeling right off the beaches was much better.  But we still had fun.  Kind of.

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squeezeme said...

Spencers! Thank you for being the first people to ever give us DETAILS of what to do in Hawaii instead of just, "It's beautiful! We loved it! The beaches and snorkling and sand are amazing!" You are educated us and peaked our curiosity and excitement about Hawaii. Here's to future travels.....