Sunday, August 19, 2012

Keeping it Real With the Rodeo and the County Fair

It has been a couple of years since we attended our hometown rodeo so this year we made the effort.  Unfortunately we got sprinkled on a little bit - you can see the clouds in the background.  But that did not deter us!  We stuck it out until the end.

My parents always love a good rodeo!  My darling niece has been staying with us until BYU starts - it was the first time she had been to a rodeo!

We also made an appearance at the County Fair this year!
My kids had submitted items in the Open Class and 4H divisions.  Isaac submitted 3 art projects to the Open Class division.  He got a blue ribbon - First place!  You can see his watercolor of a bird behind him.  He was pretty excited (even though 90% of the submissions got blue ribbons too).
He also submitted this art project that he did at school.  First place again!  His other submission - an oil painting got...First place! 
Addie and Cate were in the 4H division.  Addie submitted a sculpture she made at school (blue and yellow) which got First place, an apron that she made which got First place and a quilt that got Second place.
Cate submitted the blue t-shirt skirt hanging in the background.  All of the kids in her age group just got green participation ribbons.  Mostly we just enjoyed walking around and seeing all of the crazy things that people submit to the County Fair!  Very entertaining!
There was a cool lego train exhibit with different themes.  Below...Pirates.
Cate and Isaac were the most excited about the cowboy hats that they bought.

We saw a few animals.  This chicken/turkey was just weird.

We definitely got our fill of Fairs and Rodeos this year!

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