Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Quail Fire

We had driven to Provo with intentions to spend a couple of nights in our pop-up trailer at my parents' house over July 4th when we heard about the fire in Alpine. As I received updates from some friends - we were unsure at that point if our home was in danger. A couple of hours later - Shawn and I were headed back to Alpine to assess the situation. After securing things at my house - we went to my friend's house to get a better view.
It was an incredible sight!  And heartbreaking to watch this magnificent mountain burn.

We decided to continue with our plans of spending the holiday in Provo but it was unnerving and a little tense for a couple of days - constantly waiting for news and updates of the status of the fire containment (I was checking ksl and facebook on the hour!).  Then after the fire had burned out of control for two rained!  It felt like a miracle!  This picture was taken after the rain subsided.  

Wes and I decided to take a drive that evening to see what we could see and we came upon this...
A double rainbow all the way across the sky.  Spectacular!!

I am so grateful for the many firefighters who have worked so hard to protect our homes!  This has been a Fourth of July we will never forget!

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