Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2012 St. George Reunion - Day 3

Day 3 began with a craft - finger weaving. I found the idea on Pinterest HERE.  We had fun making bracelets, anklets and headbands.

Brian tried it with yarn.

Later that day we participated in the Family Summer Olympics - planned by my parents.  We were divided into teams where we played a series of games and had to answer some family history questions.  The first game was a the spoon game.  All was well until Team Avengers got their string tied into a knot.

The object of the next game was to balance an oreo on your face and then slowly slide it into your mouth.  Tough!

Brian did it!!
The next game was to suck M&Ms onto the end of a straw and make a smiley face on a paper plate.
After that we headed out to the pool where we raced to dive for 200 pennies!

Then we had some races.  The finale of the Olympics was each team's performance of their choreographed water dance.  Hilarious!  Gold medals and money was given to the champions - Team Rominators!  (Disclosure:  not necessarily a loyalty to Mitt, we just share the same Great Great Grandfather)  
We then relaxed and swam the afternoon away...
Addie spent the first few days of the reunion on tour with her performing group - so we were so happy when she finally joined us!

Here are some pictures of Addie at Tuacahn.  Her group performed in the preshow for two evenings.  After her first show - we took our family to see Aladdin.

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