Monday, July 2, 2012

2012 St. George Family Reunion - Day 2

On day two we were anxious to have an outdoor adventure. Wes and Shawn visited the BLM office and came back with several great hike adventures - if only we had an SUV! They did have one recommendation that would work with our minivan - a hike in Hurricane that included fossil hunting and river wading. Perfect! So - against our better judgement - we braved the 108 degree weather and started on our adventure.
The heat was intense but the landscape was spectacular!  The river was our goal.
Of course I got distracted by the lichen covered rocks. Crustose.

And yes!  There were fossils!  Wes, Isaac and Shawn spent some time hammering and chipping away the rock to find these:

The river was too enticing so we left the cliffs and spent some time wading.
The boys found an awesome swimming hole and everyone except Sarah and I went for a dip.  My one regret.

It was a hike I would definitely go on again - just not in the middle of the day in July.  Ugh.
That evening cousin "N" spent some time showing us the video game he created.  He had just returned from Nashville, TN where he won 1st place at the National  Technology Student Association for video game design.  1st place in the nation!  Awesome!  You can download the game HERE.   It is called Bloom.

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Kip said...


I love all these photos! You are an excellent photographer. I particularly like the pictures of the lichens, the fossils, I. in his snorkel outfit, people jumping into the river/pool, and the fun swimming shots.