Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day

We celebrated Father's Day in combination with my birthday at Tess' house this year. My wonderful father.

Tess' house has now turned into a zoo...or farm.  Meet Ping Pong.
And Peanut.
And Potato.
And...I can't remember the other duck's name.
Sarah loves these ducks.  She holds them and hugs them and pets them and they love her.

And among the ducks there were two dogs roaming around.  Gizmo.
And Dingo who was anxious to play fetch with anything from a stick to a coffee can.  All of these animals provided plenty of entertainment for the evening.
My lovely mother.
Even though days had past since my birthday - my family insisted on celebrating.  So thoughtful.

After dinner we decided to visit Tess' new office.  She is currently the National Managing Director of the SUP (Sons of the Utah Pioneers).  We are so proud of her!

Look at her awesome office!
It is a very nice building with two large event halls that were perfect for cartwheels and dancing.
There was even a small stage!
And we almost shipped Sarah off in the mail!
And yes - one very important person was not at this party.  Wes was at home that day preparing for scout camp.  With all the work he had to do - it was impossible for him to get away.  But we really missed him and fortunately we had a little celebration/breakfast in bed earlier that day.
Happy Father's Day to the many "fathers" in my life!  

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