Friday, June 15, 2012

Family Time

My niece has been staying with us before she starts school at BYU - so there has been a lot of extended family time. One evening after dinner we decided to build a fire and have s'mores.
The woman of the hour.  Both she and my nephew graduated from high school this year - I can't believe it!!!  Life is flying by.

Believe it or not - my dad claims that this was his very first s'more.  Ever.  In his life.  He is 78 years old!  Way to go Dad!
We missed having my mom there - but my dad made her a s'more with an Almond Joy to take home.  I bought those specifically with her in mind.

The other high school graduate.
Wes got creative with his marshmallow roasting technique.
I loved this idea from pinterest - a s'more buffet.

After the family festivities, we sat down to go over college stuff - classes, textbooks, jobs, housing, etc.  Things have changed a lot since those many years ago when I was at BYU.  
But we figured things out and I think she is ready to roll!

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