Monday, June 4, 2012

Driveway and Garage - Progress!

Finally - the much anticipated day arrived when the cement was poured for the garage and driveway.  We hadn't planned on watching the whole process but it was pretty fascinating so we stuck around for most of it.

The audience.
The cement came pouring out of the tube that was attached to a crane attached a truck parked in the street.  I never knew the difference between cement and concrete.  Cement is wet - it turns into concrete when it dries.  Never knew that!

After they poured the cement - this man would use this long tool to smooth it out.
I could tell that tube of cement was very heavy!
Doing some more smoothing.
Wes was the most worried about the workers installing the basketball stand correctly - according to his instructions.  Luckily they got it right.
This cigarette will forever be preserved in our basketball stand.

After they did some more smoothing - this guy created the seams.
Then it was time for the what the kids had been waiting for all day - the handprints.

The finished product after a few days.

We're making progress on this project!  We wondered after all this if we should have just put in a pool?!


Anna said...

What fun to watch your project unfold!

The Harrises said...

I would have thought of the handprints after the cement was dry. Glad your remembered. Looking good.