Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Baked Alaska Blunder

Have you heard of a Baked Alaska? It is an elegant dessert with ice cream, cake and meringue that is one of my mom's specialties - usually saved for very special occasions.  She has made this many times before with success - she is a wonderful cook!  This is one example of what a Baked Alaska might look like.
With Shawn, Miles and Micaela visiting from out of town - my mom and dad hosted a lovely dinner to celebrate the occasion.  And for dessert?  Baked Alaska!  Except...it didn't work out quite like they planned.  The first problem was the meringue turned out to be too thin and ran all over the plate.  We all chuckled and reassured my mom that it would still turn out great!  My dad broke out the propane torch to turn this...ummm....dessert into something truly spectacular!  We were all optimistic even as we made references to THIS.

Hopes were still high even as the propane torch slowly ran out of gas.
But as my mom cut into the dessert for the very first slice - it became clear that something was very wrong.  See the faces on the sidelines?
Someone - and I won't say who - forgot to remove the plastic wrap from the molded ice cream and cake before pouring the meringue on top.  Oops.  Big oops.
It was quite a mess!
Believe it or not - once the plastic wrap was removed - we were able to salvage the meringue and the yummy goodness below.  The Baked Alaska was saved!  And served.

But see how pretty the dessert looks when sliced?  It all turned out delicious in the end.  And now we have a great story to show for it. Thanks to Isaac for thinking fast to take pictures.
And yes, I got my mom's permission to post about this event.

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