Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We're at it again...

As is our usual routine - once the weather warms up - our thoughts turn to the outdoors and what things we can do to improve our yard.  This time?  A detached garage.
First - the hole.  Second - the foundation.  Here they are pumping cement.

The pump stretched all the way over the trees!

Wes even got to try his hand at working the back hoe.
It was a little tricky at first but he got the hang of it pretty quick.
Then the professionals took over for some major digging.  You can see the foundation in the background.
Then the even bigger front loader showed up with the dump truck.  They hauled away a lot of dirt!  Except for a few loads that were delivered to some grateful neighbors.  I didn't know dirt was such a commodity!
On another note...I had to take a picture of this cute chalk drawing Sarah made of me and her.

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squeezeme said...

Holy cow! This project is really underway. Wes...you are scaring us driving that back hoe! What a fun summer project. Can't wait to see the final results!