Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Seattle Anniversary Trip

Wes and I celebrated our 17th anniversary with a quick trip to Seattle. Why Seattle? Well, I had never been and always wanted to go. Also we have some good friends in the area that we were anxious to see.  Lastly - COLDPLAY IN CONCERT!!!!

Anyway, the day we arrived we headed to Pike Market - one of the oldest public markets still in use.  Wow - what a labyrinth!
I got in trouble for taking this picture (you can see the man in the background blocking his face).  Oops!  Sorry!  I just wanted a picture of Wes eyeing those cool guitars.

Fresh seafood - of course!
We stopped at a deli for some yummy pizza and then headed to a recommended donut shop for some to-die-for donuts!
That afternoon we checked into our hotel which was within walking distance to the KeyArena. Yay!  We stopped at Dick's Drive-in on Queen Anne for some burgers and then headed to the concert.  At the door, they were handing out wristbands to every audience member.  Cool!  Right before the band came out they started showing this notification on the big screens - "Please put on your wristbands."
Here are our wristbands.  They had LED lights in the bands and were radio-controlled to light up at the same time during the opening song.  It looked amazing!
The best picture we got of the two of us.
Opening song!

I love Coldplay concerts because they use so many interactive things like confetti and big inflatable balls.  It makes me smile.  It was a fantastic concert!!!
The next morning we got up and walked around the Seattle center and gazed up at the Space Needle.  It was slightly rainy and cloudy so we decided against going up.  We then made our way downtown and went on Seattle's underground tour.  That was pretty cool!  And our tour guide was pretty funny.  After that we left the city and headed East to Snoqualmie to stay at the Salish Lodge.  This lodge is perched right at the top of Snoqualmie Falls - which is pictured below.  This picture is from the their website (which I highly recommend looking at - just hearing the birds chirp will make you want to visit!) and the water level was much higher when we visited.  See below. 
The lodge (actually a resort and spa) was amazing!  Highly recommended for a romantic get-away.  The rooms are very nice - each with its own wood burning fireplace.  We ate at the restaurant overlooking these spectacular falls and the food was divine!  While the rain was pouring down outside, I relaxed in the eucalyptus therapy pools while Wes soaked in the lavender scented steam rooms and sauna (which is all included in your stay!).  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!  It was so relaxing and rejuvenating! 
Anyway...enough relaxation!  We decided to go for a hike.  After our first hike idea was ruined because we ran into snow, we decided on hiking to Twin Falls.  And believe it or not - the sun was shining!  I was absolutely blown away by the gorgeous forest!  I could not stop taking pictures! (That raincoat sure came in handy!)

We hiked along the Snoqualmie river.

We felt like we were in a rain forest!

And of course there were plenty of lichens to classify.

That evening we met up with our friends Ryan and Jen and Dave and Anissa - friends from many years ago.  We had dinner at a yummy downtown Seattle restaurant and then we walked around the area.  It's always a blast to laugh and reminisce.  I cherish old friends! 
The next morning we said goodbye to the Salish Lodge and Snoqualmie Falls.  We spent some time walking around the Ballard district and perused the little shops.  Then it was time to go...back to real life.
Happy (early ) anniversary to my incredible best friend and husband!  

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