Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Month of May

The month of May was busy with vocal recitals, dance recitals, preschool graduations, scout advancements and of course, Memorial Day.

Addie and Cate performed with the On Broadway Academy
Addie sang "Don't Rain on My Parade" from Funny Girl and was amazing!
 She also performed a tap number from Thoroughly Modern Millie.  It was so darling and probably my favorite part of the show!

 Cate performed as well but I wasn't able to get any pictures.  However, I did photograph her ready for her dance concert.
Cate my lovely dancer!
My baby graduated from preschool.  I love preschoolers - especially 4 year olds. 

 Isaac earned his First Class and bunch of merit badges.  He is counting down the days (months actually) until he can be in boy scouts with his dad!
 We spent Memorial Day visiting graves and spending the day with family.  Here Kip, Isaac and Sarah are placing flowers on my brother Peter's grave.  He was born several years before me and only lived a couple of months.  But his tiny grave has always been so special to our family.


For memory's sake, I can't neglect to mention that the first half of May was almost completely consumed by the school carnival - of which I was a chairman again.  Whew!  After two years I think it is time to turn it over to someone else.

Needless to say - May of 2012 was one very busy month!!

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Rachel said...

Love Addie's hat :) My friend says that May is like December, so busy! I think she is right.