Monday, April 30, 2012

Road Trip Helps

Before I post about our next adventure, I wanted to mention a couple of things that helped make the road trip to California bearable if not enjoyable!  Aside from the stops, snacks, music and movies...we had these two things:
Travel Scavenger Hunt for Kids
My kids really enjoyed this - especially when we were driving through urban areas where there was a lot to see.

But when we were driving through the barren stretches of highway in Nevada - we listened to The Nation by British author Terry Pratchett, performed by Stephen Briggs.  I had never heard of this author but when I searched for the top audio books for families - this was mentioned more than once.  It was a little slow to get into and it was over 9 hours long!  But once we got into it - Addie, Isaac and I were completely hooked!  We loved it!  Cate and Sarah were a little too young to understand it but they tolerated it.  Anyway - I highly recommend this audio verson.

I decided to look into other books by Terry Pratchett.  He is a fantasy writer (although I wouldn't categorize The Nation as fantasy) - which definitely is not my favorite genre.  He wrote the Discworld series of which there are about 20 or more books!  I decided to give the first one a try.  I am about halfway through and am enjoying it.  We'll see!  

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