Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter 2012

Ok so I got a little camera happy with my Easter pictures this year...

To celebrate we got a new swing set - which the kids absolutely love!
 I tried to get pictures of them in their Easter clothes but Addie and Isaac had already changed.  Oh well.

 I forgot to announce that someone has braces!!!  It is in preparation for some major dental work that has been a long time coming.
 The Easter egg collection:
 I fell in love with these vases from Anthropologie and bought them for myself for Valentine's day.
 My little one with the wild hair

 Always leave it to Grandma to get into the spirit of the holidays!
 Papa explaining the rules of the Easter egg hunt

 Let the hunt begin!!! SJ got a little head start.

 The onlooking cousins

 Cottontail made an appearance.  It seemed appropriate.

Happy Easter!

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Julie said...

Awesome photos! Beautiful people. The teenager in braces. How appropriate! My favorite thing.....A.Janet in bunny ears. Darling!