Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back to the Bay - Preface

We just took a week walking down memory lane.  For Spring break the kids and I went back to Menlo Park.  It has been six years since we have been back and we could not have been more excited to see our old stomping grounds.  But to preface the posts about our wonderful trip - I wanted to post pictures of our family those many years ago.  We visited the sites where many of these photos take place.  And visited the same people in these pictures!  Some things are the same.  Some things are different.  But what hasn't changed is how much we love this place!

Our family - the first Fall after we arrived.  In the courtyard.
 Our apartment
 Sharon Park - we spent so much time here!
 Addie and Nika - our gate opened up into the courtyard

 Our first Easter in Menlo Park

 Cate - looking onto the courtyard.  It looks a lot different now!

 Sharon park playground
 More pictures taken in Sharon Park.

 The courtyard with friends - sadly they moved from Menlo Park after we left so we didn't get to see them.

 Sharon Park was our go-to place for family pictures.
 Isaac learned to ride a 2 wheeler when he was 4!  The youngest of all of our kids.
 We visited the "B" family and it felt just like old times!

 We also visited "R&P."  Love them!
We also visited the "G" family - dear friends from even before our days in California.  This is a picture from when they were visiting us in Menlo Park.  At Sharon Park of course!

 Take note of this picture of Isaac pointing to the banana slug.
 We still have that backpack that Isaac is wearing!  It has gone through all four kids and has each of their names on it.  All the names are crossed out except for Sarah Jane's.
 Our little blonde California girl!

 I can't remember why I was at this auto shop next to our "Secret Safeway" but it had  something to do that jacked up truck!!  Looks like a flat tire...
 The beloved "dirt patch" that holds so many memories for my kids was long gone.  They were so sad!

 This is one of my favorite pictures of all time!!!


jane mckinlay cluff said...

I can't believe that we live just up and over from here. Now I need to know what needs to be seen and done here with our little ones.

katik said...

Wonderful! Loved seeing these pictures of your family years ago. So glad you had a great time!