Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back to the Bay - Part 4

It was our last day in Menlo Park and there were a few other places we wanted to see.  Like the library!  We loved this library and spent so much time here.

We visited the duck pond and then went to look at the new gymnastics facility.  Addie started gymnastics here when she was 4. 
Whenever Sarah runs - she flaps her arms up and down like a bird.  I honestly believe that she thinks or hopes that one of these days she will lift off the ground and fly!

So all the kids decided to try it!
Sadly the new gymnastics building was closed for the day.  So we packed up and said goodbye to Menlo Park.
We drove back to the "G's" house to spend the night before the long drive home.  We went out for a pizza dinner and then came back to their house to roast marshmallows.

I am so mad this picture turned out fuzzy!  Such a cute couple! 

The kids were dying to get in the hot tub so we all got in until it started to pour rain on us!

We had a great time with our old friends and had an uneventful drive back to Utah.  We were nervous about getting caught in some bad weather but it was fine.
It was such a great trip!  I hadn't realized how much I miss that area and our dear friends that live there.  I hope to do it again sooner rather than later!

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The Harrises said...

I love the G's fire pit! what a good time you had!