Friday, April 20, 2012

Back to the Bay - Part 2

The next day we met up with some dear friends that recently moved to the Bay area from Utah.  We visited the Exploratorium in San Francisco.  This was one of our favorite places that we visited when we lived there.  And the kids enjoyed it even more now that they are older.
Cate was really excited to see her sweet friend "E."  She misses her so much!
There were many cool science exhibits.

This exhibit was about the power of human perception.  How many of us would shy away from this drinking fountain (even though it is perfectly clean) - just because it is on a toilet?  Not Cate!

Darling friends!

The kids loved this black magnetic sand.

SJ just cracks me up!  She was doing some sort of crazy dance around the fog.

After the museum we drove back to my friend's house where she fixed us a yummy (and healthy!) dinner.  She is an amazing cook.  Then we went out for frozen yogurt and visited a fun candy store where each child got to pick out a treat.  It was such a great day!
We got a little lost on the way home but we finally made it back to our hotel.  Thank goodness for GPS!

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