Thursday, April 19, 2012

Back to the Bay - Part 1

We left early Monday morning prepared for a long day of driving.  We took plenty of stops - had plenty of snacks - listened to some great music - watched a couple of movies - and listened to a wonderful audiobook that I will post about later.
We stopped for the night at our friends' house in Sacramento and then finally made our way to Menlo Park the next day.  Even though it was raining, we were giddy with the familiar sights and smells.  Our first stop - our old apartment.  We were shocked to discover that it had been completely remodeled and looked quite different.
The courtyard was no longer the wild forest of bushes and trees.  Now it is nicely manicured and filled with grass and cement walkways.
This was called "the cement slab" and was a favorite place for the kids to play.  Of course it seemed so much bigger back then!
No more "dirt patch"!
Our old apartment was on the bottom floor.  The layout looks the same and the gate is still there but it looks very different.

They changed the pool a bit and added a hot tub.
Oh how the kids loved these big old trees!  I think they are eucalyptus trees.

Next we stopped by the kids' elementary school.  It looked exactly the same.
We stopped for lunch at one of our favorite dining places:  the Dutch Goose.
It looked exactly the same except for the new tables!
Then it was off to Sharon Park - good old Sharon Park.
"Hey remember when Dad got his football stuck in this tree?"
This is the exact spot where Addie broke her arm at Isaac's 3rd  birthday party!
The blue playground!

Six years later the neighborhood bakery is still serving the same dinosaur and lizard sugar cookies!

The "Secret Safeway" - our favorite grocery store that was right around the corner from our apartment.
After we checked into our hotel we visited "R&P" and their family.  We had a yummy pizza dinner and the kids played while the adults chatted.
The kids had a blast playing Happy Action Theater - a video game created for the XBOX connect.  It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen!
It was the perfect first day of our visit to Menlo Park.

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