Sunday, March 18, 2012

An Early Birthday Celebration

We had a family birthday party for Addie a little early this year.  We celebrated it on St. Patrick's Day!  So there was a lot of green...
 Kip has worn this tie on St. Patrick's day since elementary school!

 Can you find my mom's green shamrock?
The St. Patrick's day rebel!
Our St. Patrick's day feast...
My dad made this rainbow fruit plate.  Uncle Kip made yummy pumpkin muffins with a green cream cheese center. 
Barbecued spare ribs with green mashed potatoes.  
And rainbow jello for dessert (very time consuming and I sort of messed it up but it is what Addie wanted!)
The birthday girl.  Almost 14 years old!!!!  I can hardly believe it!
Baby sister made this card

Her friends' party is still yet to come...

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Anna said...

She is so grown up and beautiful! Can't believe how fast time flies.