Monday, March 12, 2012

Discovery and Rediscovery

(that title makes this post sound much more deep than it actually is)
Since my recent discovery of Japanese Washi tape - I have been quite taken with it.  I am sure there are many fun, creative and clever things that can be done with this tape.  But I haven't gotten that far.  I bought a few rolls just for fun.

And then my kids got a hold of them...

With so many fun patterns and colors - I am sure we will have a lot of fun with this in the future.  And if I can't think of anything to create with it...Pinterest will inspire me!
We have recently rediscovered shrinky-dinks.  Grandpa Dave and Grandma Connie got Cate a jewelry making set for Christmas that involved shrinky-dinks.  Cate couldn't keep her siblings away!  It has been the hot activity at our house these days.
Here are many, many photos of the kids' creations.  And just for scale - most of the charms are 1 inch or less.
Cate: the top two rows
Sarah:  the bottom two rows

Isaac:  top row (the girls used the patterns to make the designs - Isaac is the free-hand man!)
Addie:  middle row
Me:  bottom row

Isaac even made a bunch of necklaces and charms to sell at his classroom store today.

Fortunately Cate was able to at least make one necklace for herself!  She has been so nice to share.
I foresee lots of fun with this activity in the future as well.

2 comments: said...

that is one of the sweetest uses of washi tape we've ever seen...and we've seen a lot of uses! We pinned you on our washi board.

Julie said...

I adored shrinky-dinks as a kid. I think I should rediscover them now too!
P.S. I want that tape. Covet. I will pin it.