Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Couple of Unique Restaurants

Last weekend we went out with my cousin and her husband.  In addition to being relatives - they are some of our dearest friends and we treasure every opportunity we get to spend time with them!  They took us to a restaurant in Sugarhouse called Omar's Rawtopia - vegetarian raw cuisine.  My cousin Julie promised us that the the food will "delight and surprise" us.  I am always up for trying a new restaurant and this was no exception.  And Julie was exactly right!  Not only did the food "delight and surprise" me - but eating at this restaurant is a cultural experience in and of itself.  It's nothing fancy but it is unique and filled with interesting people.  And "love" is listed as an ingredient in every dish.  To top off the evening, Omar himself served our food.  We chatted with him about his amazing life story and he was about the nicest guy ever!  We also observed that he was an expert in the true "hug."
Anyway - it was such a wonderful evening!  Thanks to Julie and Brett...Omar.
Here is a picture of my Mango Smoothie - topped with some love:

A second new eating place we tried recently is Mountain West Burrito.  It is brought to us by the same food geniuses that own two of our favorite restaurants -Pizzaria 712 and The Communal.  It is located in the gas station on the hill where State Street runs from Provo into Orem.  Kind of a weird location - I know.  But the place was packed!  Sadly I was on my way home so my choices were limited to food that would travel well but the burritos that we got were deeelish!  I am excited to try it again.

Happy (and healthy) eating!


Anna said...

Love Mountain West Burrito. The Heirloom people didn't start it but the owner was moving to CA and offered it to The Heirloom Group.

Julie said...

Oh my! It was a fabulous evening. I was there!! And Omar's hugs....well, ask Wes for one.
I have heard about Mountain West. Hole-in-the-wall wonder! Be sure to check out the bathroom.