Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Birthday Skirt and a Pinewood Derby Car - in Turquoise Blue

I am so grateful to have Grandma Jan as a sewing mentor for Addie.  I have completely failed her in those regards.  But as a birthday present for Addie - Jan offered to help her sew a skirt made out of old t-shirts (of course, I found the idea on Pinterest).  So I picked up a few old t-shirts at DI.  And they got started...

I am starting to see a color theme...
I must mention that Jan's Aunt Margaret (Eldine's sister) also helped with the project.  She drew the pattern we used to trace the ruffle pieces.
While the sewers were sewing...SJ was trying on tails.

A few days later...ta da!  The finished product!
Well to be honest - we weren't actually finished with the skirt.  At this point we still had the waistband to finish.  But Addie was so determined to wear the skirt - we fixed it with some safety pins.  Note her matching watch that she got for her birthday - again continuing the color theme.
And to continue the turquoise blue theme...
The young women in our ward participated in a Powder Puff Daddy/Daughter  pinewood derby of their own!  Here is Addie's car:
 Thanks to Jeff for the decals :-)
And like Isaac did before her...she installed some awesome lights! 

All this celebrating and it's not even her birthday yet!


Julie said...

LOVE the skirt, and the tails, and the car! LOVE the color too!

katik said...

Happy birthday to Addie! Best girl in the world. The skirt is adorable and her car was awesome! And S J cracks me up, always.

Jeff said...

yaaaaaaaaaay I got mentioned!!