Monday, March 26, 2012

The Big Election!

Not that election!  The mock election at our elementary school.  Isaac was nominated to run for Vice President for the Patriot party.  He had to come up with a slogan, make a poster, distribute a hand out and give a 2 minute speech to the fifth grade.   

This patriotic jacket has been in my family for years - probably before I was born!  We inherited it from my parents and we dug it out of the costume box.  It fit Isaac like a glove!
As usual - my mom came to the rescue with her box of patriotic paraphernalia she has saved over the years.  That is where the hats came from and of course, Uncle Sam.
Isaac drew the bodies to go with Ben and Isaac's heads.
Ben's mom, who is very clever and creative, created these stickers that the boys could hand out to their classmates.

The results are in...and guess what?  They won!  Introducing the new Vice President of the 5th grade class!

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Julie said...

WOW!! I'm so impressed! Love all the promo stuff! Congrats to I and Ben!