Tuesday, February 14, 2012

SJ Turns Five!!

My baby turned five years old and I took a ridiculous amount of pictures at her Valentine-themed party we celebrated with both sides of the extended family.
Trying to take pictures of Sarah is always an interesting experience. The many faces of SJ:

 The crying was not related to the picture taking.  She had a little "accident" during the party and refused to go change.
 The Party:

 Sarah received many wonderful gifts!  One of the most unique presents was this dinosaur terrarium from Grandma and Papa. 

 Sarah loves animals and loves to act like an animal.  When she received these "cheetah" pants - she immediately put them on and had to run like a real cheetah.

 There she goes!
Quote of the night:  During dinner Sarah said "I have 4 grandmas at this table!" Eliott said, "Am I a grandma?"  Sarah replied, "No!  You're a boy!  Only the wrinkly girls are grandmas!"

Oh I love this child! 
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

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Jennette said...

Like, like, like! She's adorable. Can't believe she's 5!