Monday, February 13, 2012

School Days, School Days...

A few school-related things to remember:
Another science fair has come and gone.  This year Isaac teamed up with a friend to find out which brand of hand warmers work best.  They had a lot of fun and did a really great job!  Ever wondered how hand warmers work?  I have!  The hand warmers are filled with iron shavings (along with a few other key ingredients) - and when exposed to oxygen the iron oxidizes - or rusts - and that chemical reaction releases heat.  Pretty cool huh?
What were their results?  It doesn't matter what brand you use.  They all worked about the same.  What matters is that you expose the hand warmers to air and then keep them in an enclosed space - preferably with a second hand warmer until they heat up.  There you go! 
They even made handwarmer necklaces to wear.

They put four handwarmers in one glove together and it heated up to almost 170 degrees!
Isaac has been studying land forms in social studies and sculpted the Delicate Arch out of salt dough.  Wes took the picture outside for effect.
Addie has been taking a 3-dimensional art class at school and was assigned to sculpt someone in action.  She created someone rock-climbing.

Cate was lucky enough to have Grandma Jan visit for "Grandparents Day" at the book fair.  It was a luau theme and they were able to play games, read books and get their picture taken together.
Many fun things are happening at school these days!

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Gotta love the Science Fair!!!