Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Laser Coldplay

Another recent craze at our house...laser pointers.  And yes they are driving the cats crazy.  But this is a new and improved laser pointer.  It comes with five projection caps that create cool designs with the laser beam.  Isaac used his own money to buy the green one.  It was such a hit that a day later Addie ordered the purple one and Cate ordered the red one.

Last night for family home evening, Isaac gave us a Laser Coldplay concert (remember Laser Floyd and Laser Zeppelin?  We took Isaac to Laser U2 several years ago).  We had our doubts but it turned out to be a great show!  I am a fan of these laser pointers after all - if used for cool things like this:

 Cate and Sarah were the dancers

 Addie couldn't resist joining in

 Then it turned into a rock concert

 And Isaac finished off the show as the lead singer

Thanks for the awesome laser show!  I can't wait to see it in green, purple AND red!
This would be a great gift idea...

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Rachel said...

This makes me really happy!