Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I've Been Reading and Watching

A few pass-along titles for reading and watching...

1.  Born to Run by Christopher McDougall
Anyone who knows me knows I hate to run.  My family loves to tell the story about how Wes and I were in the car with the kids (just toddlers) when I had to run back into the house to grab something.  My kids exclaimed to their dad, "Mom can run!?"  Sad, I know.  That being said - this book was fantastic!  I loved it and I can only imagine that a true runner would only enjoy it more.  
 2.  The Distant Hours by Kate Morton. 
This is the first book I have read by Morton and I just happened to pick it up on a whim at the school book fair.  I rarely start a book without at least one recommendation.  But it seemed to fit the mold of books I love - historical fiction, England and romance.  Who could ask for more? Well I did enjoy it.  I didn't loooove it.  But it was very intriguing and entertaining.  An escape novel for sure.
 3.  The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson.
I have to admit that I am still about 20 pages away from finishing this book.  But I am going to recommend it anyway because I have enjoyed it so much.  Another genre I love - historical non-fiction.  This was absolutely fascinating.  It reads a lot like a novel and is filled with so many interesting historical insights.  Read this! 
 4.  American Experience - New York.
I found this documentary on Netflix.  It has a total of 8 (yes 8!) discs and I am only on disc 5 - I get one every couple of months.  It is directed by Ric Burns (Ken's younger brother) and follows the history of New York City from it's very beginning to just before the Twin Towers fell.  If you are intrigued by the city of New York as much as I am - you will love this documentary.
 5.  Between the Folds
My mother-in-law recommended this short documentary on the art of modern origami.  What these artists do is simply amazing!  My kids were doing origami for a week straight after watching this!  (Watch instantly on Netflix.)


Jen said...

I love the recommendations! I, too, have read Born to Run and really enjoyed it. Have you read The Worst Hard Time? If not, you absolutely must. It's about the Dust Bowl, and it's quite an incredible read. I thought the writing in it was decent, but not great, but what made the book so amazing was the actual history of the time. Amazing. After I read it, I had to re-read the Grapes of Wrath, because it gave me another level of understanding.

Anna said...

Thanks!!! Nice to have some recs. Loved Born To Run. And my kids would love the oragami ones. They are oragami fiends.