Friday, January 6, 2012

2011 Home Improvement in Review

To say that 2011 was a busy year for us is an understatement.  Besides the fact that we were majorly involved in church callings and school events and that our kids were involved in many extracurricular activities  - we took on some major home improvement projects.

The first and biggest project we endured was a major remodel/uplift to our kitchen and main floor.
To peruse the before and after pictures and see the work in progress, click HERE.

We took a break during the summer while we enjoyed our new kitchen.  But it wasn't long before we started getting restless so we turned our thoughts to the backyard.  With the canal blocked off - we felt we had many options before us.  We decided to have a landscaper install a stone patio in this space.
The digging...
 Nice entertainment for the afternoon...
 Look at the size of those roots!  I hope our trees survive...
 Work in progress.

 The finished product - view from our back deck.

 We will eventually plant some greenery. We can't wait to use it next Summer!

Not long after the dust settled from the landscaping project, we were at it again.  (I will admit it - I think we are officially addicted to home improvement projects!)  We wanted to fix another major sore spot in our home - the office area or lack thereof.  So we called our trusty Ikea specialists - Artisan Installations (love these guys!) - and they designed a media center for our family room. We started the project several days before Christmas (what were we thinking?!) and the final touches were finished yesterday.
I searched and searched for some before pictures to show how cluttered and crazy it looked but couldn't find any.  All crammed in this corner of the room was a large computer hutch, a set of drawers with art supplies, a cabinet for DVD storage and a "homework" table that was a constant pile of binders, papers and clutter.  It drove me crazy!
Here are the after pictures:

 Each child has a drawer to put all of their stuff in.  I can't say enough how excited I am about this!!!

 I wonder what projects 2012 will bring?  Maybe we should just take a year off... 


Anna said...

Looks great, all of it. I am jealous. I am soooo ready to settle in somewhere and make a house MINE!

Jennette said...

Seriously, you guys are amazing!! Did Wes do all of that patio? So great! I think I'm addicted to home improvements, but I do not have a willing partner!