Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Now it Begins...

Addie knit this hat.  It's for a boy.  We'll call him "J."  
Addie and "J" have been friends for a while and occasionally email each other.  We have heard that they will be exchanging gifts on Friday.  We went to Addie's dance concert last night and Addie introduced him to us!  He was very polite - shook our hands and looked us in the eyes when we talked (which for a 13-14 year old boy is very impressive!).  Then his parents came up and wanted to meet us.  We chatted for a while.  They are small - like us.  They like rock climbing and "J's" dad was a wrestler - just like Wes.  Addie and "J" are both gymnasts.  They wanted to invite us over for dinner sometime.  The whole experience felt very strange and surreal.  Am I ready for this?  She's not even 14 yet!!

No worries.  She assures me they are just friends - and they plan to keep it that way.

Speaking of Addie.  This lovely lady has been busy sharing her wonderful talents this Christmas season.
Here is the line-up:
Last Saturday:  Sang "O Holy Night" for the family Christmas party talent show. 
Sunday morning:  Sang "O Holy Night" in sacrament meeting and had everyone in tears by the end.  It was a very spiritual experience for her.
Sunday evening: Was the soprano soloist for a 90 member adult choir at the Joyful Christmas Sounds concert.  She sang "Pie Jesu" from John Rutter's Requiem.
Monday evening:  Sang "O Holy Night" at a vocal recital held at a rest home.  Dashed over to another concert to sing with her middle school girls choir.
Tuesday evening:  Middle school dance concert (where we finally met "J!").
This Thursday evening:  Middle school girls choir concert.
This Sunday:  Will sing a duet of "Silent Night" with her brother Isaac.

She will have one last performance at my family's Christmas Eve celebration.  And then she will hopefully have a big long break.

Here she is the evening of Joyful Christmas Sounds:


Ann Mitchell said...

WOW! She's always been special to me! Such a gorgeous girl! You're in for all the boys wanting to be around cute Addie!

The Harrises said...

The girls got talent! We're having a little FHE tomorrow night...doubt you can come with all the Christmas craziness, but you're invited.