Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Dear Husband's Birthday Blast

I had something really, really big planned to celebrate my dear husband's birthday.  Sadly this event had to be postponed and I will hopefully post about it when it comes to pass.
In the meantime I wanted to do something extra fun to celebrate this special day.  So we planned a last minute party - bowling, pizza and laser tag.  Right up his alley (pun intended!).
Photos taken by my phone...poor quality.
The party was fun for all - young and old!

I started off with two spares and a strike...and then I completely fell apart and had a poor finish.

Even Grandma took a turn!
The onlookers.
The birthday boy had a pretty good game!

Brian is the expert bowler of the family - he really had that ball spinning!
After bowling it was time for pizza, dessert and presents.

We finished off the party with two awesome games of laser tag.  Wes loved every minute of it!
And I love him.

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The Harrises said...

Laser tag sounds like hecka fun. Happy birthday.