Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Morning 2011

Notice the matching jammies - father and son.

Notice Addie's face in the background as Cate fills her new gumball machine.
Sarah loves her new books...
...and her bouncer ball.
There she goes!
Millie loved her new cat toys.

Addie made these fun discovery bottles for Sarah.

Here are a few other photos to remember.
First - our traditional puzzle was finished within the first few days of the Christmas beak - mostly by Addie.  Her she is putting in the last piece.

We celebrated the official Christmas Eve at Grandpa Dave and Connie's house.  It was a luau celebration with tropical decorations, yummy food and a shell necklace for each person.  It was such a great party!  The cousins did a nativity there as well.

Another wonderful Christmas has come and gone and with the help of my kids - I have already taken down my decorations.  Such a good feeling!

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