Monday, December 26, 2011

The Christmas Festivities 2011

My family's traditional Christmas Eve:

My mom's Santa collection:

The Guests:

The Program: (sorry for the fuzzy pictures - I have a flash phobia)
A couple of vocal solos...

Tess told a joke...
These brothers did a Santa skit...
I-man did a piano solo...
Addie sang a solo and then the two of them performed a cello/piano duet that they had composed called, "The Fire of Winter."  It's pretty awesome - I will try to put in on youtube someday.
She shared some artwork...
The parents had a special presentation for us.  They shared a touching true story about a Christmas when my dad's mother was a child - The Story of the Christmas Socking. 
They gave each family a copy of the story with a replica of a vintage Christmas stocking.  It is truly a treasure.
Then it was on to the Nativity:

SJ took her role as "Mary" very seriously!  She held very, very still - which for her is highly unusual.
A couple of lovely angels:
A handsome wise man.  There was a shepherd too but his picture did not turn out.

Finally, a very kind and caring "Joseph."
Time for dessert and presents!

The most exciting presents were the red-ear slider turtles that my parents presented to "J," Cate and SJ.
Introducing "Speedy"
And "Rosie"
The kids were thrilled!
Kip also received a very special present - the pocket watch that belonged to his namesake.

It was a wonderful evening - turtles and all!

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