Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cate's recital and a Couple Christmas Events that the Kids Planned

These days my kids do not cease to amaze me.  I think part of it is just that they are getting older and are becoming the coolest people ever!  And I don't feel like I have much to do with it anymore.  While raising little ones is very hands on - now with older kids - I am in a more observant role, sitting back keeping my fingers crossed that what we taught them will stick.  And even though we have our bad days and times when I feel completely lost as a parent - most of the time my growing children are delightful.

Here is Cate before her vocal recital.  

A few evenings ago we had Grandma Jan, Don and Great-Grandma Eldine over for dinner.  They requested that the kids perform for them after dinner and Isaac and Addie were put in charge of the recital.  The first thing Isaac did was make a program.  He illustrated and colored the front - see below.  Look at all the little letters.  So clever!  My favorite is the baby Jesus in the manger - the little profile of the nose.

Today Addie hosted a little Christmas party that she planned with a few of her friends.  I had been hearing about this party for several days and then found out that Addie had volunteered our house.  The activities included making and decorating gingerbread men, a white elephant gift exchange and the glove game.  I was gearing myself up for playing the role of hostess and helper when I was pleasantly surprised that these 13-14 year old girls were pretty much independent.  They had made assignments and arrived prepared with the gingerbread dough, frosting and toppings.  They proceeded with their party and had a wonderful time.  It felt very odd for me to just sit back and watch but it felt right.

 They each made a gingerbread man for themselves and then made some extra cookies and delivered them to the neighbors.

Well done girls!

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Ann Mitchell said...

Your son is quite the artist!