Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. Kids are back at school and thoughts are turning to Christmas. It was a very nice holiday spending most of our time with family and family and more family.  Just like it should be!
The official Thanksgiving was at my mom's house.
The kids' table:
The adults' table:
Tess sharing a sweet Thanksgiving message:
"J" sharing what he is thankful for:
After the dishes were cleared and washed, the kids helped my mom put away the special serving utensils.  Isaac spent a few minutes admiring and organizing my grandmother's spoon collection.
This is only a portion of her collection.  I remember when I was a child how much I loved looking at my grandmother's spoon collection!
And just like that...the meal is over!
We moved on to celebrating "A's" birthday.

I tried my hand at the waterfall braid - something I learned how to do on my latest on-line addiction, Pinterest.
We then played a round of bingo.  I should have received a prize for the most pieces in a row without getting a "bingo."

As is our tradition, in the afternoon we went and saw a movie - Hugo.  I really liked it even though it was kind of long and slow.  After the movie we headed back to Grandma's for hot chocolate, crepes, sausage and fruit.  Yum.
But our Thanksgiving wasn't over yet!
Friday evening we enjoyed a dinner out with Grandma Jan and Don and Great Grandma Eldine.
Saturday the kids went to Grandpa Dave and Connie's for the annual gingerbread house decorating activity and then we all joined for Thanksgiving leftovers.  

This is how our "Thankful Tree" turned out:

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